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Commonwealth Bank Innovation Lab tour

- Thursday, May 26, 2016

As many of our readers will know, innovation is at the heart of the Trident Computer Services business. We pride ourselves on our ability to help our customers innovate, to bring innovative products to our customers, to help schools use technology in innovative ways, and in turn, help their businesses innovate in their markets.

On Wednesday the 26th of May, a small group of Trident staff and customers were invited to attend the Commonwealth Bank's touring Innovation Lab. A condensed version of their Sydney based innovation lab, the tour offered to expose us to a wide range of technologies, concepts and processes that can help organizations to innovate.

Rather than give you a full run down of the entire tour, I thought I'd write my "Top 5 take-aways" from the tour. A list of things that I want to find out more about, try myself, or discuss further with my colleagues.

Commonwealth Bank's touring Innovation Lab - Top 5 take-aways

1. Design Thinking

A key part of the tour revolved about exposing participants to the Design Thinking and Human Centered Design frameworks. While I knew of both of these, my interest was re-ignited after hearing how the Commonwealth Bank are using the process to develop and refine their products and services, and how they are helping other businesses to do the same. I suggest doing some research on it yourself. has some interesting tools to take a look at.


2. Fail Early, Fail Often

The above slogan was plastered around the tour space and we were reminded that if you truly want to innovate, you have to be prepared to fail, and possibly fail often - but, if you fail early, the opportunity to learn from that failure and address it and refine your idea gives the final outcome so much more. I know this is a philosophy held by many of the Schools that we work with - but I was reminded that it's not just something we should teach our children.

3. The Rate of Change

Whether it was a concept that the Innovation Lab wanted us to take away, I was certainly struck by the rate of change that the Commonwealth bank, and banking in general, has gone through. Seeing the old and new technology together, remembering pre-Internet days of phone banking and being shown the concepts and technology behind "BlockChain" and BitCoin certainly brought home how fast things change.


4. Big Data

An interesting "interactive wall" showing the analysis of Commonwealth Bank customer and merchant data was amazing. To be able to look at your suburb and see the spending of customers in that area against national averages was very interesting. It was only a glimpse of what big data can offer, but as organizations begin to collect and analyse their data in more meaningful ways, I can't help but wonder how our customers will use technology and data to better shape their organizations, teach their students and help their communities.

5. The potential of our colleagues

Perhaps the biggest point of impact for me was standing amongst a small group of IT Professionals from some of our schools and listening to them talk about how they are already beginning, or have been using for some time, many of the technologies and concepts we were being exposed to. I walked away with a firm impression that the knowledge and experiences of our peers is so valuable, and something we should definitely tap into! Bring on our Education Conference, a perfect opportunity to network and connect with these amazing people. [Click here to find out more]


If you would like to know more about the Innovation Lab or any of the ideas above, contact Nathan or any of the Technology Innovators at Trident.


Nathan Burgess

Lead Marketing Innovator
Trident Computer Services


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