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- Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My first 12 months working for Trident Computer Services in Queensland has been the most amazing adventure! I have learnt a lot; not failed, but learnt a lot and continue to do so every day.  I have had many supporters and mentors which has been super crucial to my personal and business success and I’ve had my doubters which helps me drive harder to succeed in everything I do.

Throughout this time I have learnt it is vital to back yourself, to listen to your customers and show them what is possible… it allows you to open them to the real world of possibilities!

I believe I have always pushed the boundaries in a smart way. When you are tasked with introducing a highly respected existing business into a new state it gives you the opportunity to not only start with a blank canvas but a whole new opportunity to do what I believe in

"To grow a new business has been hard work: no office, no customer base and the whole of Queensland as your opportunity."

The Early Days

In the early days I spent many days in my car, cold calling customers just to get started. While this was very time consuming, in the long run it provided a good potential customer base and let me meet and talk to a wide range of people working in diverse companies and schools.

While I could work from home I found this doesn’t always work. I lacked a routine… and yes I love routine. So I set myself a schedule to be at a café first thing every morning to start the day; I call this 10 before 10.  I learnt this many years ago and use this as my golden rule… 10 customer contacts every day before 10am, whether by phone, e-mail or face to face meeting.  This gets my day off to a great start and makes every day a productive one. I found some really inspirational mentors and friends and they have given me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and do what I believe I do best; partner with my customers and disrupt their thinking.

"One of the things I love about Queensland is its diversity, the people are so different, so welcoming, and so happy to share their experiences! "

I met some amazing people in those early days, Adam from Victory College, Mack from McDonald Jones, who have developed into fantastic partners.

And Now…

Over the last 12 months Trident QLD has found its space in the market. We are growing locally in staff numbers; we still do not have an office; and we are loving the freedom.  I spend a lot of time with our amazing customers, getting to know their current and future requirements and now we have a business that has a great foundation on which to grow further.

Our customers are enjoying the personal touch and the customized service we provide; we have been free to show customers new technologies and transform their IT teams from a cost centre to innovative think centres for their business.

"Our customers are enjoying the personal touch and the customized service we provide."

We’ve introduced Simplivity Hyperconverged Infrastructure to Vale and others, and are helping them reduce costs and achieve excellent performance from their core infrastructure. Mt St Michaels College and Oakleigh State School have embraced our 3D printing products, and are positioning themselves as leaders in STEM education. It’s amazing to be involved organisations that are embracing innovation – something Trident is all about!

In summary

IT is full of change, some people embrace that change, while some cling to the old ways, but I’m privileged to work for a company that is heading into the future delivering real, innovative solutions for businesses! Trident QLD has climbed the first hill; now we are ready to climb again. I scare myself on what we have been able to achieve and I am as hungry as ever to succeed and, with a big smile, cannot wait for the next successful 12 months.



Matthew Marris
Technology Innovator
Trident Computer Services


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