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Secondary School Students Dementia Centre Experience

Kat McDevitt - Monday, November 26, 2018
Designed for secondary school students the 2 hour dementia centre experience, conducted in our ground-breaking Perc Walkley- Dementia Learning Centre enables an immersive experience of what it might be like to live with dementia. Using interactive technologies, students will engage in and immersive learning experience including: 

VDE - Virtual Dementia Experience

The Virtual Dementia Experience (VDE) is the world’s first application of serious computer game technology in dementia-care education. The dementia learning centre is set as a stage that immerses the participant into a sensory and cognitive challenging space from the very beginning as they undertake simple cognitive tasks in a hostile and overwhelming environment. On stage, and in character, is Myrtle and her daughter, who create a deeper emotional connection and understanding for the participants as Myrtle struggles to navigate her way through the home environment. This experience enables participants to understand the environmental elements that are friendly or hostile to a person living with dementia. 

The Interactive Brain

Using a large touch screen, students can explore each part of the brain and learn how dementia impacts on cognitive function. The program aims to increase knowledge and understanding about dementia and the impact a diagnosis can have on a person.  

The Educational Dementia Immersive Experiece (EDIE)

Our latest next generation serious game application, EDIE has been designed using Virtual Reality headsets which promotes a completely immersive experience. The benefits is that the headsets once placed on, changes your whole perspective. The only reference point is the one we create and with headphones on you are completely immersed in the experience. The participant can step into the life of Edie who is living with dementia and explore first-hand the difficulties faced. 

Learning objectives

In this workshop students will develop a greater understanding of;

What it is like to live with dementia
What is dementia including the most common types
How dementia affects the brain and cognitive function
Impact on the person, their family and the wider community.


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