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The ever changing Cyber Security landscape 

Nathan Wood - Friday, May 10, 2019
With the recent news of an Education institution being subject to a site wide cyber security incident, there is no time like the present to assess the security strategy for your school.  The traditional protective elements of a full security platform such as firewall, anti-virus, cloud security, etc are all still relevant within a multi-layer, multi-vendor approach to network security protection.

But how do you deal with new cyber security threats appearing daily?
‘Cyber-attacks our "greatest existential threat”. A warning from Alastair MacGibbon, who has held the twin roles of national cyber security adviser and head of the Australian Cyber Security Centre since 2017.

New technology solutions focusing on preventative cyber security strategies are being used to bolster a school’s holistic approach to data and network security. Two of these preventative solutions at opposite ends of the threat continuum are SOC and Security Awareness Training.  

Security Operations Centre

A security operations centre houses a security team responsible for monitoring and analysing organisations security position on a continual basis. The SOC’s aim is to detect, analyse and respond to cybersecurity incidents using various solutions and processes. The SOC observes and analyses activity on networks, applications, servers, endpoints, databases and websites looking for abnormal activity that might be a security incident.  The SOC is responsible for ensuring that potential security incidents are correctly identified, analysed, defended and reported.

Tridents Security Operations Centre (SOC) is a secure location from which all our security solutions can be deployed, monitored and managed. Consolidating monitored device data into an industry-leading software platform while leveraging machine learning, allows the SOC to detect, identify and monitor suspicious or irregular behaviour across your network and systems. The benefit of a SOC is the constant improvement of a company’s security, but the continuous monitoring and analysis of activity. This allows for threats to be detected and responded to in a timely manner, allowing organisations to close the gap on their security breaches and prevent being compromised. 

Mimecast Awareness Training is a program aimed at end-users to try and make the serious task of security training engaging and fun. Curated video content is sent to users to work through and provide responses to simple quiz questions. Analytics within the platform build a picture of the security strengths and weaknesses of the people within your organisation so that targeted training can be delivered direct to those that most need it, helping to protect the user and the business.

More Information:
•    SOC – flyer/information from the first page or two of SOC Lite proposal.
•    Mimecast Awareness Training – link to intro video and some stats of HUMAN ERROR in the security breach/link to gov breach reports.

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