Innovation Success: Donvale Christian College



The executive team at Donvale Christian College has long believed that technology is best used when it enhances learning and the quality of human interaction. As a school, this means selecting the most appropriate devices for educational outcomes and having world-class I.T. support and infrastructure.

Each primary school class has sets of Surface devices and iPads, and there are large display screens in every classroom. At the secondary level, every student has a laptop with a range of software packages used to support curriculum subjects such as Multimedia and I.T.. David Conn, Manager of Risk & Business Systems says that from a document perspective, students were driving the need for change. “Our students are living in an increasingly digital world, and paper documents become a frustration at school when the students are using apps, emails and software to develop ideas and communicate.” says David. “Scanning enables the students to convert and store documents electronically, which is becoming vital in this environment.” 

With a fleet of laser printers spread around the campus and three different print vendors, the ICT department was finding it a challenge to manage their printing and document processes. “We had a rudimentary print management system in place but it was too basic for our needs. The small desktop printers had limited functionality and to be honest they were becoming inconvenient for users. We just felt that seeing as technology is so important to the school that it was time to implement a modern, future-proof printing and document management solution.”

By partnering with Trident and Toshiba, Donvale Christian College were able to successfully implement a number of innovative ICT processes:
  • Scanning to digitise documents and improve access and storage of documents; 
  • Smooth integration into existing I.T. network; 
  • New user interface quickly adapted by users; 
  • Reduced costs and increased control of printing; 
  • Future-proof, flexible solution to allow for new hardware and software over time.

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