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Neptune Managed Services is delighted to announce our expansion to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia starting in February 2019. 

This expansion is an important strategic milestone and a positive reflection of our commitment to consistently provide excellence in customer service and support and to add value to our diverse client base through the use of proven technologies and innovative IT solutions.  This momentous decision is aligned with our continued growth and business initiatives.  More importantly, it has been possible with thanks to your trust and partnership.

This new office will operate 24x7x365 as an extension to our head office located in Brighton.  It is home to a team of talented, fully qualified IT professionals, whom we have personally selected and trained over the past three months to ensure they are ready to support our customers in a highly effective and efficient manner. All these staff report directly into our existing Melbourne based services team.

Our new office in Malaysia will also provide all Neptune staff with the opportunity to participate in an ‘exchange program’ between our two locations, sharing knowledge, culture and friendship – another exciting and innovative initiative for our valued team of professionals.  Our head office in Melbourne will continue to grow in line with our strategic roadmap to support our exciting new service offerings – we look forward to sharing these with you in the coming months.

How We Power Up Your Experience

  24x7x365 proactive monitoring and after-hours service
Business continuity under any circumstances
         Improved response and remediation time 

       Access to experienced qualified IT professionals 24x7x365
 Access and leverage to global knowledge base 

Why create an offshore office?
  • By adding an offshore facility to our existing Melbourne based support team, we are able to offer high quality 24x7 support for our clients in a very cost effective way.
Will all support services be moving offshore? 
  • Melbourne is still and will remain, the main headquarters for our service and support team. The addition of the Malaysia office adds the extended capability to support you 24x7 as well as times of high demand. It is a service addition, not a service replacement.
Why Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?
  • During our due diligence, Neptune Managed Services looked at a number of international locations for our additional support facility. Each location was graded against key selection criteria with Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ranking top in every category. With the highest scores in security, technical capability and infrastructure maturity, it was the most logical choice for our additional facility.
Are these people part of a call centre?
  • The people staffing our additional facility are employed solely by Neptune Managed Services. During the setup phase, Neptune Managed Service staff were deployed onsite in Kuala Lumpur to individually select and train the staff for this office.
Will the quality of service remain the same?
  • Yes. Neptune Managed Services will still maintain the same high quality of service. Our Malaysian service desks staff have been properly trained and have not replaced our Melbourne based Service desk. Because of this you should not feel a difference in the quality of service delivered by Neptune Managed Services. 
How will this affect me as a customer?
  • The Malaysian team is there to improve Neptune Manages Services ability to quickly support our customers. With the combined Australian and Malaysian team, there will be no difference to onsite and off-site support. 
Is my data secure?
  • Absolutely, all remote connections from our Kuala Lumpur facility are routed through our Melbourne Data Centre security infrastructure to ensure data security. Connections are private and no data is moved offshore at any time during the support process.
What about data sovereignty?
  • As above, no data is moved during the support process. All connections initiated from Kuala Lumpur are secure and are routed through the Neptune Managed Services security infrastructure in our Melbourne Data Centre
What are the Escalation Points? 
  • Our Malaysia Service Desk will perform level 1 triage and have access to Malaysian based engineers after hours. Australian based engineers are on-call 24x7 for technical escalations along with Australian based leadership for account management
Will I be easily transferred to the Australian support team? 
  • Our Malaysian support team are directly connected to our Australian team so you will feel no difference in service and hold time when connecting to our support team  
Will there be international call fees for connecting to a team member In Malaysia. 
  • There will be no change in the costs of service for customers. The customer will not experience any international call fees for connecting to a support agent at the Malaysian support team. 
What if I have other questions?
  • Reach out to your Account Manager and/or Service Delivery Manager who will be able to answer your questions and arrange a conversation with our Head of Operations.
Security and Compliance 
As a supplier of services to Trident Computer Services and Trident Health, Neptune Managed Services are fully compliant with the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) and Mandatory Data breach amendments. Our internal security governance for the new blended operation is to ensure all customer data is protected and remains within Australian borders. Essentially, Neptune Managed Services do not require access to any specific customer data as defined by the Australian Privacy Principles (APP). To deliver the IT Managed Services as provided, Neptune Managed Services have access to customer infrastructure however this access is limited under strict compliance to the below principles: 

  • Role-based access control – Neptune Managed Services will have access to customer infrastructure based on the customer-defined role-based access procedures. Customers will enable audits logs on all systems so that our access is transparent and visible to the customer;
  • Authorisation – Neptune Managed Services record all transactions about the manage service team access to the customer environment. We achieve this through all access happened/originated through our secure remote management service hosted in our Melbourne data centre. 
  • One-way communication - Neptune Manage Services access to the customer environment is always one-way, from our secure managed service infrastructure to the customer infrastructure. As such we do not collect, transfer or capture any data or information belonging to the customer or residing on the customer infrastructure. 
As we operate as a single team both in Melbourne, Australia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia all our engineers are required to connect to our secure remote access server, located in a Melbourne Data Centre first, before then connecting to the customer environment. An encrypted and secure link / VPN is established between the customer office and our data centre.

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