December Newsletter

Cybersecurity - Old News or New Frontier? 
Ernst & Young’s Global Information Security Survey 2017 revealed that 60 percent of organizations are unlikely to detect a sophisticated cyber-attack and 65 percent lack the skilled resources to handle them... Read More 
Dementia Centre Experience for secondary school students 
Designed for secondary school students the 2 hour dementia centre experience, the Dementia Learning Centre enables an immersive experience of what it might be like to live with dementia...Read More
Mimecast Ataata Security Awareness Training 
Having cyber-aware employees is up to you. Unfortunately, security training is an industry problem. Only 11% of global IT organizations continuously train employees to spot cyberattacks. Read More
Sell your old parts on AllBids 
ALLBIDS has the ideal experience & capacity to support large entities and SME’s as an IT disposal partner. 
Read More