Martin Corden


Martin Corden has been a Business Development Manager with Trident for over 15 years. Working within the IT industry for over 35 years he brings a wealth of experience to the table, a deep knowledge of core infrastructure systems and a deep desire to help people. 

Under-pinning all this is Martin’s outstanding ability communicate with people irrespective of their technical knowledge.

While Martin’s knowledge of IT is broad, he is most interested in helping customers with large server and storage solutions and also Backup and Disaster Recovery. While he has a firm eye on the cloud and its continued growth, he recognises that many customers will still want or need some degree of on-site infrastructure.

"I always endeavour to try to come up with the best solution possible for our customers and then explain it in a way that everyone can understand."

Martin has always loved the sea. He grew up down at the beach where he learnt to surf, sail, scuba dive, water ski and windsurf. He currently sails a dingy with his son and is an active member on the committee of the club where they sail. Martin also snow skis - if it involves water, even frozen water, he loves it!


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