Matthew Marris

Matthew Marris is Trident’s Sales Innovation Manager based in Queensland. His primary focus is support his established customers and growing Trident Computer Services in the sunshine state. Matt brings a wealth of experience and outstanding ability to think outside the box and look ahead for his customers. This, coupled with his ability to communicate to all levels from the CEO to the Engineers in the IT teams, makes Matt a highly successful member of the Trident team.
Matt likes to look at what is possible rather than what everyone else is doing. With an ever changing IT landscape and challenging what people consider “normal”, Matt has the ability to bring something new and exciting to his customers and deliver exceptional outcomes.

"I have a keen interest in helping our customer and growing the Trident Computer Services brand in Queensland. Enabling IT teams inside a business to be a true business driver is one of the key reasons to come to work each day."

Matt lives on the North Side of Brisbane (where he tells us it’s always warm and sunny) and is married with 5 children….not all living at home! He has a passion for the outdoors and goes camping as often as he can - “You cannot beat a great glass of red by the open fire.” Matt also has a passion for Collingwood, but we’ll try not to hold that against him.
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