Essential Web Application Security Test


Trident is committed to providing exceptional IT security tests and audits creating safe and secure working environments for our clients. We are making the web more secure for our clients by identifying security vulnerabilities and exploitable elements residing within web applications that could be used to affect the confidentiality, availability or integrity of information.


The Essential Web Application Security Test is an attempt to simulate what an attacker could do on a web application from the external point of view. Our testing methodology focuses on critical web application security risks, based on OWASP recommendations. Our industry certified security experts are able to provide you with vulnerability analysis and mitigation recommendations, as well as strategies and options to improve security in the real world.


Injection Flaws

Cross Site Scripting

Broken Authentication & Session Management    

Insecure Direct Object Reference

Cross-Site Request Forgery

Security Misconfiguration

Insecure Cryptographic Storage

Failure to Restrict URL Access

Insufficient Transport Layer Protection

Invalidated Redirects and Forwards 


We can customise our service to meet the requirements of your organisation.  Trident’s Essential Web Application Security Test can be conducted as a once off or multiple times a year for greater security and safety.



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