Trident Computer Services can assit your organisaition with all aspects of your end user devices, from device choice and procurement, BYOD and BYOOD options, through to fully managed Notebook programs. Whether you are looking for desktops, tablets, laptops or high end workstations, Trident can cater to your needs.

Our product range:

End User Devices and Mobility

The end-user computing environment is often the face of ICT in your organisation. It is the experience that most matters to your staff and/or students. Whether you choose to implement a BYOD strategy or provide devices for your end users, Trident has a huge range of equipment to choose from, coupled with experienced Technology Advisors to guide you through the myriad of options



Trident Computer Services recognises that BYOD and BYOOD are important new solutions to a school notebook program and have developed a series of appropriate packages and workflows to ensure the success of the program. We can arrange student programs, staff programs and school community programs. We remove the administration from the school and provide you with regular reports so you can be comfortable that your community will be connected and stay connected.