Trident Computer Services takes the environment and recycling seriously, and has an Internal Environmental official who is responsible for reviewing, reducing and implementing the company’s environmental strategy.

Some initiatives that have been implemented to-date have been, recycle bins for paper, toner cartages, and computer parts. The recycle toner initiative has also been extended to some of our customers as an added value service to reduce the environmental impact.

Further to the above Trident is working with all suppliers to provide products including packaging to reduce environmental impacts. Recently new toner cartages’ have been introduced that have higher recycle componentry to further reduce environmental impacts.

Trident is now only using and supplying recycled paper to further assist the environmental impact. Computers supplied are being recycled via our partner programs with suppliers to assist in managing recycled computer and network equipment.

Trident is continuing to work with its local and overseas suppliers to reduce packaging waste and increasing the percentages of computer componentry parts that can be recycled.

These measures are part of our company policies and some are prominently displayed throughout our organization. We make every effort to encourage and provide information to our customers to assist them with their recycling on technology services.

Trident’s environmental initiatives also includes liaising with appropriate external environment officials and or organizations, in particular our local council, to ensure we receive the most up to date information to assist in reducing our environmental impact.