ICT Discoveries

Most organisations make a significant investment in their information and  communications technology, but due to the complex technical nature of ICT it  is often hard to determine exactly how that investment is performing to  meet the rigorous demands of your business. Trident Computer Services offer a wide range of ICT Audits designed to inform and empower organisations and their  ICT staff.

Our ICT Discoveries:

Premium ICT Discovery

Our Premium ICT Discovery is a comprehensive evaluation of your ICT systems across 8 key performance areas. Our accredited team of engineers will provide you with a detailed report including an executive summary, a traffic light report of your risk levels and a detailed technical report to help you understand just how your ICT systems are performing.

License Discovery

Licence auditing is a critical component of good governance and is a vital component of risk management for every organisation. Failure to correctly licence software or to mismanage software licencing can result in multiple fines, imprisonment as well as a waste of resources from outdated or ineffective software protocols. Trident Computers will work with you and present an independent license audit and provide compliance recommendations to ensure safe and effective IT operations. We transform complex and exhaustive software data into a high level presentation, simplifying the software and compliance management process.[Read More]

RACI Discovery

Managing the human element of ICT. Our RACI Audit is an objective analysis of your operational support and readiness capability, a RACI Audit can assist in key staff management decisions such as up-skilling or hiring additional staff. Our RACI Audit identifies the roles and responsibilities individuals have within your organisation and for you to better understand the human elements of your ICT environment. The RACI audit will help your organisation properly assign tasks, responsibilities and expectations to staff. [Read More]